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Establishing a national leader in cannabis consultancy

Branding   |   Strategy   |   Collateral   |   Interior Design


Headquartered in Los Angeles, Cirrata offers high-level access and insight into the developing multi-billion-dollar cannabis industry with an array of crucial formation solutions for cannabis-related businesses across the United States. Cirrata's consulting and licensing services include a sophisticated approach of combining intricate research, project management, knowledge of up-to-date state and local regulations, and perfect execution. 

As creative and strategic partners, we were tasked with crafting the brand experience and corporate office design. We built a brand strategy and messaging around approachability, adaptability, and acumen. We created a brand identity that would differentiate the firm from all of its competition; a curious and unique identity around the Cirrata octopus. The octopus has the most well-developed nervous system of all invertebrates and is able to solve puzzles, find its way through mazes, and change behavior as needed. The octopus’ characteristics can equally be applied to business acumen. Two-thirds of an octopus’ neurons reside in its arms and as a result, each arm can problem solve a separate task. Similarly, Cirrata's departments and the services each offer act as its arms. Arms that have a mind of their own but work collectively together as one.

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