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Karen Rubyn

Visual and digital storytelling for Hollywood's most provocative pop diva

Video Production   |   Album Art   |   Website   |   Art Direction


Karen Rubyn is an LA-based pop and hip hop artist known for her unconventional and provocative style. She is a Hollywood nightlife favorite that performs and hosts at eccentric nightclubs and events throughout the city with a loyal following of individualistic and free-spirited fans. 

As creative and production partners, we were tasked with the visual and digital storytelling for all of the Hollywood artist's content. We produced video content for the artist's new album where we were responsible for concept development, art direction, video production, and post-production. We developed and directed photo shoots and designed and managed album art, social media content, and website; all of which embodied the artist's provocative style with eccentric, neon-lit, sensual visuals.

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